What We Are

Dear friends,
We are creating a school!
Ankuram – A Shishu Mandir
A unique Temple for Children dedicated purely towards their innocence.

What is the Ankuram way?
– Respect towards all that one sees and senses
– Gratitude for all that one comes across in life.
– Being a Good, Caring, Compassionate human, above anything else.

Why this school?
We have gone too far away from Nature and in turn, our True selves!

What kind of school is this going to be?
– Self sustained and integrating the natural surrounding: from which the children observe and learn
– A space that includes and respects each and every kind of child
– Where the children are given the freedom and space to express themselves, allowing their inner true self to bloom.
– They explore the Universe outside and that within
– Completely experiential learning at individual pace.
– Where Innocence and curiosity are nourished
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